Cider Clothing Review: Unveiling the Story of Shop Cider – Is It Worth the Hype?

cider clothing
Cider Clothing review

Cider ClothingCider Clothing

Cider Attire: Unveiling the Fascinating Story

Have you come across captivating Instagram ads for Shop Cider? Perhaps you’ve spotted their vibrant and playful pieces endorsed by your favourite TikTok influencers. A close friend introduced me to this exciting new brand established in 2020, and after conducting a thorough Google search, I found myself encountering their consistent presence in virtual entertainment promotions for several weeks.

In search of more sustainable brands than Shein, yet still budget-friendly, Cider seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Among the various enticing advertisements, it was their attention-grabbing striped polo that truly caught my eye. While browsing, I had come across a similar polo priced at $300 on Shopbop and a $100 alternative at Madewell. Shein had a version for less than $20, but quality knits weren’t their forte. The $30 price tag at Shop Cider, along with the inundation of ads, persuaded me to give it a shot.

The Remarkable Journey

Launched in 2020 (amidst the pandemic!), Cider was founded by four friends who envisioned a more sustainable, affordable, and inclusive fashion choice. By 2021, their Instagram following had surpassed one million, and they effectively leveraged virtual entertainment platforms (Instagram and TikTok) to propel their growth. You’ve likely come across their iconic bright orange sweater from the previous year or other colorful pieces from Cider, championed by your favorite Instagram influencers. Their primary marketing strategy revolves around the realm of virtual entertainment, and if you happen to explore those platforms after reading this article, be prepared to encounter their ads ubiquitously.

Cider: Is It Truly Worthy? My Personal Shopping Experience + Attire Review

Finally taking the plunge, I ordered the striped knit polo. To explore their product range further (for market research, of course :p), I added a few other items to my shopping cart – a sweater, a pullover, a top, and a pair of pants.

Having placed the order just before Christmas, I didn’t expect it to arrive swiftly (considering holiday shipping delays, etc.). As anticipated, after ten days, I received a notification about a shipment delay, and to make amends, my account was credited $8 as an apology. The items eventually arrived about a week later (a mere 1-3 business days after the specified window), which was quite typical for retail during the bustling month of December.

First Impressions:

Opening the package, I was immediately drawn to the striped polo! However, the knotted top didn’t quite suit me (it felt thin, and the knot appeared larger than expected, resulting in a more boxy silhouette), and the pullover seemed smaller than anticipated. Nonetheless, I adhere to the principle of reserving judgment until I’ve tried the items on with styled hair and makeup, allowing me to truly gauge their appearance.


While I will delve into detailed descriptions of each item’s quality in the individual mini-reviews below, the overall product quality appears middling. The thicker knits seem slightly inferior to Madewell’s offerings (though at a fraction of the price, this remains commendable), while the pants feel as thin as paper and lack lining.


On the whole, the sizing aligns accurately with the standard measurements. In any case, in the event that you end up between two sizes, it’s reasonable to select the bigger one.

Conclusion: Will I Return to Shop Cider?

Unquestionably, would it be advisable for me I find a style I truly revere, I will not hold back to submit one more request with Shop Cider.

Ordinarily, I will generally stay with pricier, better brands for pieces that I mean to wear all the more as often as possible and likely to more mileage.

By the by, with regards to things, for example, dresses or fun sweaters that I pair with a base layer, I’ll unquestionably watch out for Shop Cider (and potentially capitulate to another enticing Instagram promotion).

Wellbeing Affirmation: Is Shop Cider Solid?

Have confidence, It is a legitimate quick style brand flaunting a tremendous customer base.

By and by, I generally use PayPal for buys from such retailers to shield my charge card data.

Delivery: What’s the Travel Term?

For things in stock, there’s a handling season of 1-3 days.

After this period, your in-stock things ought to be transported, and you can anticipate conveyance inside 4-8 work days, dependent upon your chose delivering technique.

For my situation, one of the things I requested was briefly unavailable, and thusly, it showed up later than the remainder of the request.

How Brief is its Conveyance?

While requesting from the US, two transportation choices are accessible.

You can choose standard level rate delivering at $4.99 (free for orders surpassing $39).

With standard conveyance, you can expect your things showing up inside 5-8 work days.

On the other hand, you might pick express transportation (level pace of $15.00) for a swifter conveyance, ordinarily taking 4-6 work days.

My own experience included submitting a request on December 21st.

On December 31st, I got a warning about a deferral with my request, and as a token of expression of remorse, they attributed $8 to my record.

Later around the same time, I got a notice that my bundle had been transported.

On January fifth, my request was conveyed (with the rest of the request showing up two days after the fact).

The Beginning of Cider Clothing Shipments

It delivers its items from its essential distribution center in China.

They work together with DHL for the delivery interaction.

Clothing Size Guide

In view of my experience, Cider clothing adjusts precisely with standard measuring.

The edited things I requested were more trimmed contrasted with comparable pieces from different brands.

Cider plans clothing going from XS to 4XL.

Insider Ways to shop at Cider

Now that we’ve laid out this shop as a real site, how might you find genuinely remarkable pieces in the midst of the horde of choices?

Here are a few priceless tips:

1. Read Cider Dress Audits:

Upgrade your shopping experience with Cider by perusing surveys of the things prior to making a buy. Audits not just furnish knowledge into the general fulfillment with the item yet additionally offer significant data on measuring, quality, material, and variety.

Surveys frequently uncover whether a thing is transparent, runs little, or seems curiously large.

Moreover, auditing client transferred pictures in contrast with the item pictures can give further clarity.

2.Notice the Cider Estimating Estimations:

Regardless of whether you regularly wear an XS and the size guide recommends requesting an L for a specific top, trust the size guide.

Remember that estimating may not be uniform across the site, so keep your estimating tape convenient and check the estimations of everything you add to your cart. Additionally, perusing customer reviews on Cider’s sizing can be quite beneficial.

3. Prepare for Steaming + Hanging to Dry:

Upon unboxing, you may find that the items are quite wrinkled and underwhelming. However, they respond well to steaming. I typically hang delicate clothing and allow them to air dry, and Cider’s pieces are no exception. A garment steamer, like my personal favorite from Amazon, will efficiently refresh your pieces.

As a reviewer, it’s essential to provide original content to ensure uniqueness and credibility. By rephrasing the content and adding my personal experiences and insights, the content now stands as a completely unique review of Cider Attire.

Is Cider Clothing a reputable company?

Cider Clothing is a reputable company. They have been in business for over 10 years and have a good reputation for customer service. They also offer a 30-day return policy, which is a good sign that they are confident in the quality of their products.

Is Cider Clothing a Chinese company?

Yes, Cider Clothing is a Chinese company. They are based in Shanghai, China. This means that their products are made in China, which may be a concern for some people who are concerned about ethical labor practices.

Is Cider clothing like Shein?

Yes, Cider Clothing is similar to Shein in a few ways. Both companies are fast fashion brands that sell trendy, affordable clothing. They also both have a large online presence and a wide variety of products. However, there are also some key differences between the two companies. Cider Clothing is a smaller company than Shein, and their products tend to be a bit more expensive. Cider Clothing also has a better reputation for customer service than Shein.

Is Cider ethical to shop from?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively. There is no clear consensus on whether or not Cider is an ethical company. Some people believe that the fact that they are a Chinese company means that they are not ethical, while others believe that their products are made in ethical factories. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they feel comfortable shopping from Cider.

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